Wheel Sentry Indicator & Retainer 10 Stud

Product Code: 7116

Need a combined wheel-nut indicator and retainer in one? Wheel Sentry® does just that! Wheel Sentry® indicates any wheel nut movement while retaining the nuts. 

Simply fitted to the wheel nuts of your HGV, they are linked together with a Viton band that allows wheel nuts to loosen slightly, but then holds them at a lower torque level. The new position of the Wheel Sentry® indicator is clearly visible when checked and ensures prompt attention to the loosened nut.

Wheel Sentry® retains wheel nuts without causing the fatigue and thread damage that conventional retainers can. Helping prevent the expense of damage or accident, and giving prompt indication of any potential problems.

Member price (ex VAT): £130.00
Non-member price (ex VAT): £134.00